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Oily Blends LLC

Jumbo Mom Candles - 16 oz Soy Wax Candles

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Mom candles are packaged in a 16 oz glass jar with a metal lid. Burn time of 100+ hours.

Available Scents:

Cookie Crumbs – An entire package of store-bought cookies, crushed into a fine dust, and sprinkled throughout the house.
Dry Shampoo – A lovely floral scent, with a hint of aerosol and flakiness.
Family Picture Day – A blend of tears, fake smiles, matching outfits and a flask of cabernet wine. (Cabernet Scent)
Go Ask Your Father – The elusive scent of cologne and responsibility.
Hiding in the Closet – The scent of a margarita being sipped in a dark, quiet place.
Laundry Mountain – The smell of freshly washed clothes that were never worn to begin with.
Memories of a Shower – Dreams of a long, hot, steamy shower, with expensive shampoo and luxury soap, while settling for another day of baby wipes and dry shampoo.
MomMomMomMimosa – Orange juice, champagne, and an aspirin.
Reheated Coffee – Dark roast coffee, with a hint of breast milk, heated for the fourth time today.
Shameless Bribes - A lovely blend of chocolate, mom guilt, and manipulation.
Suspicious Silence – Mystery Scent. Because you never know what you’ll find when the kids are quiet.
Touched Out – A relaxing lavender and lime, without any boundaries or personal space.
Stolen Treats - A mouthwatering blend of chocolate and peanut butter cups, stolen from its special hiding place in the frozen veggies bag.

** Due to the nature of natural soy wax, the wax may vary in texture and color.