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Enchanted Octopus

In the Spirit of Home- Lesley A. Morrison

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Transform your home into a magical place that harmonizes with your deepest needs through more than a dozen thought-provoking exercises. Lesley Morrison's room-by-room approach bridges the worlds of design, spirituality, and psychological health by presenting practical techniques that draw from a variety of traditions, such as Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra. This book covers how to clear a space of physical and energetic clutter, fill a room with meaningful color, and incorporate non-visual senses such as scent and sound. You will discover the best ways to utilize elements like lighting, plants, seating, mirrors, crystals, and more. Whether you live in a rural mountain cabin, a suburban single-family house, or a quaint urban apartment, In the Spirit of Home can help you achieve balance, fulfillment, and even magic in your space.