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Old Factory Soap

All Natural Chefs Soap

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Not just any soap will do for a chef, there are a few special qualities in the perfect bar of chef soap that will not (and can not) go forgotten. The perfect feel: Since chefs wash their hands over and over again, the perfect bar of soap has moisturizing qualities that can be used constantly without making your hands feel over washed, or over dried. Our chef soap uses our most soothing recipe, combining olive oil, flaxseed oil, coconut oil, and shea butter to create a one of a kind bar. A quick lather, and a clean rinse are important. You want to be able to quickly scrub up enough suds to thoroughly clean your hands, but without any trace residue afterwards. A combination of our olive oil recipe and ground coffee throughout the bar helps to stir a quick and stable lather. This bar also quickly washes away to leave your hands crisp and clean. Want to make the switch from a liquid dish washing detergent? This bar will be your new favorite, providing a clean lather that easily washes away. A non-lingering, fresh scent is also important when thinking of a kitchen soap. You want it to do be there, do its job, and be done. This bar of chef soap features a crisp, fleeting scent of red thyme, lemongrass, cinnamon, peppermint, tea tree, lavender, and coriander. Essential oils that create not only create a beautiful aroma but also provides the deep clean you need. Use this bar soap for washing dishes, washing your hands, washing countertops, washing your produce – and more!