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Bamboo Switch

10 Organic Bamboo Straws & Coconut Fiber Straw Cleaner

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10 Organic Bamboo straws
1 Coconut Fiber straw cleaner
1 Organic linen travel bag

Key facts

These bamboo straw beauties are wonderfully water/mold resistant in nature, as well as non toxic and completely compostable at the end of their journey.

They do not take on any temperature changes or odors depending on your drink of choice.

Being a completely natural product, the diameter dimensions and grains of each straw may slightly vary.

Dimensions of each straw:

Regular: 20cm in length

Jordan's Pro Tips!

When cleaning these, twist the straw cleaner in and out! It's that simple. Drinking smoothies out of these are the best, but just make sure to rinse/clean out the straw afterwards! YAY TO NO PLASTIC STRAWS!