Once Upon a Time...

Once Upon a Time...

I moved to Tennessee to be near my family in February of 2013.  I always wanted to own my own business and fell in love with vaping.  I loved the technical side of the industry as well as the creative juice making side.  Octopus E-Juice was born and flourished for over eight years.  

Unfortunately, the FDA has made it impossible for small vape shops like mine to continue making our products without millions spent in application fees.  In September of 2021, we were forced to surrender Octopus E-Juice for good.  It was very sad.  

We persevered and both Vape Shops, All Things E-Cigs in Manchester, TN and Vape Spot in Tullahoma have been proudly serving Coffee County and the United States coast to coast for nine years.  

In an effort to supplement our lost juice, we decided to add a fun gift shop section to each store.  Here you can find all those nifty gifties we have selected that are every bit as whimsical us!  We hope you enjoy shopping for and purchasing these awesome products.  

We make every attempt to purchase and sell things not found on Amazon.  This means the products you can find with Enchanted Octopus, are likely coming from small Mom and Pop sellers, just like me.  We like to give as big of a prop to small businesses as possible.  

If you're ever in Southern Middle Tennessee, stop by the Hub of the Universe, right here in Manchester.   The Best Vape Shop has to exist somewhere, why not here?